ReConnect Glasgow is part of Connect Community Trust and was developed through a desire by the Board of local people to continue making a real difference in the EastEnd of Glasgow.  

Connect Community Trust has always been a forward thinking, vibrant and imaginative organisation with local people the driving force behind every development.  ReConnect is no different! 

Building on the successful employment support programmes run by Connect (the Peoples Gateway project), it was clear right from the start that reuse and recyling projects could create a wide array of opportunities that could provide relevant and current work experience plus training and skills in various positions.  

We looked at the stats for Glasgow in recycling and started to understand that even ourselves, as residents of Glasgow, could all do more individually and in our own homes so realised that if we could change our own attitudes then we could support others to do the same.  

Visits to various recycling organisations were carried out all over Scotland and Liverpool, gathering information on how people successfully operate their reuse organisations.  The ideas for what could be then grew massively and we had to refocus on what our main aims were.  

Skipping forward 1 year, a Business Plan was written and the vision for what could be was realised.  Funding could now be looked for and a number of applications submitted.  We were successful in securing Climate Challenge Funding and the work began.  

 Going forward we have many exciting ideas, so keep watching this space!!