ReConnect Glasgow was founded by Connect Community Trust, a charitable social enterprise based in Easterhouse.

Connect Community Trust operates 4 community facilities in Greater Easterhouse, which provide a wide range of services to local residents. From community education and regeneration, employment and youth facilities, to sports.

The Trust was formed in September 2003 in response to the need for a focus on regeneration within an area that was designated No1 in the Scottish Index for Multiple Deprivation. They set out to meet the needs of the community which included easily accessible services and activities that address education, employment, personal finances, childcare, health and anti-social behaviour.

ReConnect Glasgow was founded in 2014 as another branch of Connect Community Trust’s vision and work in the East End of Glasgow.

ReConnect Glasgow has a history of providing value for money for our customers. We work with housing associations and registered social landlords, as well as other charitable bodies, to provide special deals and even further discounts for those who need it most.

We also work with social enterprises and other organisations to ensure we’re reusing all the furniture we can, keeping it out of landfill and saving co2 emissions in the process.